Radio talk show host Bernie Ward was indicted on federal child pornography charges December 6, 2007 on one count of receiving child pornography and two counts of distributing it. Ward is a liberal talk show host who also hosts “GodTalk” because he is a former Catholic (Franciscan) priest.  
“Bernie was doing research for a book he was doing on hypocrisy in America,” Doron Weinberg, who appeared in federal court today as Ward’s lawyer, said.  
Research? That’s the oldest excuse in the book. And the dumbest. And the least likely to be true.  
Yeah. Right. Here’s what pedophiles mean when they say they were doing “research:”  
“I was researching how many 10MB images of raped children would fit on a 160GB hard drive.”
“I was researching just how hard seeing a child raped gets me.”  
“I was researching how to rape a child.”  
“I was researching the Justice Department’s reaction times.”  
“I was researching what level of Hell pedophiles go to when they die.”  
“I was doing preliminary research for my ultimate research goal: what happens to pedophiles in prison when their cellmate, Big Jimbo, finds out they like to rape children.”  
It’s never, ever research. If someone has child pornography on their computer, they’re a pedophile.
TK Kenyon is the author of RABID: A Novel and CALLOUS: A Novel “[RABID] is a novel quite unlike most standard commercial fare, a genre-bending story–part thriller, part literary slapdown with dialogue as the weapon of choice (think Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf)– that makes us laugh, wince, and reflect all at the same time. Kenyon is definitely a keeper.” –Booklist Starred Review
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