In what many cynics will view as a publicity stunt, and I certainly include myself in that list, Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman has released a statement about the currently incarcerated CEO of the porn empire Girls Gone Wild, 34 year old Joe Francis.

Joe has spent the last 6 months enjoying all the amenities that Washoe County Jail in Reno, Nevada has to offer. Big hearted Duane Chapman and his equally ‘big hearted’ wife Beth are offering to personally put up the bond to get this young porntrepreneur oops, entrepreneur out of clink.

Now what makes me think this is a Dog The Bounty Hunter publicity stunt rather than a genuine offer of help? Well number one, young Joe could buy old Dog a dozen times over and not feel a crimp in his wallet. The naked lady business is nothing if not profitable.

The press release nevertheless is entertaining and well worth reading, one of my favorite parts being:

“I make this offer to the judge who is keeping Joe Francis behind bars,” the famous bounty hunter said. “I will co-sign Joe’s bond, and if he violates his bail in any way; if he fools me or proves me wrong, I will personally track him down to the ends of the earth at no charge, and bring him back before the judge.” But it doesn’t end there. Dog’s wife Beth Chapman (known as “Mrs. Dog”) who owns the bond company, has offered to personally write the bond for Joe, which creates double exposure for Dog and his family if Dog is wrong about Joe.

Simon Barrett

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