People who are already familiar with the term “Dirty Sanchez” will know what to expect when they pop in the newly released DVD from Vertigo Films. However, for those of you who are wondering if the “Sanchez” is a tequila drink, you should go to before you view this new movie. Inspired by the MTV Euro series, “Dirty Sanchez,” the title is somewhat deceiving-the “Sanchez” may be the least stomach turning gag you will see.

That said, I thought I basically knew what I was in for as I put the disc into my player. I even noticed how the letters “ranc” were highlighted within the title as a subtle harbinger of the foul deeds soon to take place. Before I proceed, I must also state that even though I have a rather high tolerance for tasteless debauchery, I found myself wincing and turning away more than a few times.

And so, as I began watching “Dirty Sanchez,” I admit, I thought I was just going to see a Euro version of Jackass. In many ways it is just that. For example, at the very end of the movie Dainton reveals to Pritchard that the tattoo he got in Russia, which he thought said, “Sleep When You’re Dead,” actually says “I Love Johnny Knoxville.” At that point though, that prank seems like a whoopee-cushion-gag after everything else that’s happened. Let’s just say, there are other tattoos, in other places.

The plot of this movie is simple: Four English blokes with no limits to their homoeroticism and incredible lack of taste are sent off by Satan (Howard Marks) to travel around the world and act out the Seven Deadly buy propecia online world wide Sins. That’s right, Greed in the Dominican Republic, Wrath in Russia, Lust in Thailand…etc. It’s actually a good idea but that doesn’t even matter because regardless of the country or the sin, the results are basically the same.

Take for instance, Japan, a good place to exploit Pride. The boys team up against fellow filth posse, The Tokyo Shock Boys in a sleaze-off not for the squeamish. After an unorthodox swordfight using drumsticks, you will actually witness the loser getting “Sanchezed.” But again, that pales in comparison to some of the other stunts they pull.

Obviously directly based off of “Jackass,” “Dirty Sanchez,” to its credit does take the outrageous and self-deprecating pranks to a new low. I personally felt my stomach turn a number of times throughout the movie. Watching a man drink another man’s liposuction residue is not something I think I would like to see again. Equally uncomfortable is a contest involving filling up prophylactics. The unfortunate loser with the least contribution proceeds to wear the spent rubber on his head. Other scenes involving self- mutilation as well as ingestion of body fluids and worse will certainly weed out those without a cast-iron gut.

You get the idea. If you have read this far you know what’s in store if you watch this movie. I imagine that “Dirty Sanchez” will be a hit with college fraternities across the country, quite possibly in name alone. So if gross-out humor is your thing, you can’t really do much better than “Dirty Sanchez”…until the sequel comes out, of course.

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